Virtual Receptionist and Assistant
Norplex believes that every call is important and should be answered in a timely manner. When you’re unable to answer your phone, our technicians can answer it for you and they will make sure you get your message by your preferred method-fax, email, text, a number you can call to retrieve it, or we’ll call you.

Our technicians are available 24 hours a day ready to offer any after hours or overflow telephone support.

We answer the phone with your personalized greeting and handle all calls professionally and gracefully.

As well as answering your phones when you’re busy elsewhere, we can also help you with:

  • Setting up meetings with your important clients
  • Setting up boardrooms
  • Taking in mail
  • Stuffing envelopes
  • Any miscellaneous office tasks.

Help Desk and Dispatch
Norplex prides itself on its staff’s logical thinking. When we take technical questions from your customers, we will first try to answer the question leaving you free to perform your other tasks. Or leave us with a list of your most frequently asked questions and we will make sure your customer gets the information they are looking for.

Our company can dispatch your team any time of the day. We can take the middle-of-the-night emergency calls (flooding basement, no heat) and dispatch your on-call staff allowing you the knowledge that it’s being taken care of. We deliver and track messages so your follow-up is possible.

Finding replacement staff first thing in the morning can be difficult. We won’t stop trying until either we find a replacement or everyone on your list has been called and has answered.

Customer Service
Norplex can provide customers with account information, answer payment inquiries, and handle your customer complaint line. Our technicians are trained to be professional and confidentiality is a condition of employment.

Norplex can also handle all replies for social functions, parties, seminars, and association meetings. We can track the numbers so you can focus on the event.

Sales Support
Norplex will provide you with the support to make your business successful. We can input orders through your website, process credit card orders, and also do your data entry, printing, and mailing services while you concentrate on the more important parts of your business.

Some businesses consist of little more than a few home offices and a phone. Our company can send out group pages to get your message to all staff quickly. We can help make sure that all your staff is armed with the information they need.

Non profit
Norplex believes in community. Some of the non-profit organizations we can work with are:

  • Sports teams – a message for your players can go out with one quick phone call to Norplex.
  • Charity lotteries – we take information for tickets and process credit card information.
  • Charity functions – we can take RSVPs and process credit card information.
  • Child Find – we handle missing children updates, contact law enforcement, handle child abuse calls and make sure the information gets to the right people.
Our Current Clients include: Administration
Dangerous Goods
Doctor's offices
Domestic repair
Elevator monitoring
Funeral Homes
Property Management
Real Estate
Replacement Staff Dispatching
Special Events
Veterinary Clinics

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The Norplex Calling Centre was established in 1994 to provide professional telephone answering services for the town of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Since then, we have grown into a global contact centre, providing services including Calgary, Edmonton, Alberta, Regina and as far away as Australia.

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